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From Reality to the Truth...

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It's a journey which should take us from the "reality" of this world to the TRUTH of God's Word! That simply put is the journey that a disciple should experience. 

It is not an easy journey, but one which has ups and downs, victories and defeats, good times and not so good times. Its' success is not based on our abilities, knowledge or education, but the yielding to and reliance on the Holy Spirit, He ultimately is our teacher.

This website endeavors to bring together in one place, what I have learned through twenty-five years of pastoral ministry. What's provided here are "avenues" to digital resources I have created to accomplish one thing and one thing only... to bring the TRUTH of God's word to all those on the journey of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

We all learn in different ways, some are visual learners, others are auditory learners. The resources made available here address both types of learners... visual and auditory. For the visual learner there's a pathway to teaching videos (Blog & YouTube), for the auditory learner there's a path to audio teachings (Podcasts). For those more comfortable reading material, there's a path to written teachings. Please check out the "resources" tab on the menu for each of those mentioned. 

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